The Fresh Choice City market is one of the most convenient supermarkets in the Christchurch city center

Best Christchurch Supermarkets: Where to Shop for Groceries in Christchurch

Are you looking for the best supermarkets in Christchurch?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about buying groceries in Christchurch.

While there are heaps of excellent restaurants and cafes in Christchurch, we all know that going out to eat can add up quickly. Whether you’ve just moved to Christchurch or are visiting the city on holiday, you’re bound to need to shop for groceries at some point.

With so many choices for supermarkets in Christchurch, though, it can be overwhelming to know where to go. 

That’s where this guide will come in handy.

I visit Christchurch a lot and also love to cook, so I’ve spent my fair share of time scoping out the best supermarkets in the city. I’ve sought out everything from the cheapest supermarkets to organic shops to specialty grocery stores, and everything in between.

So, read on to discover the best supermarkets in Christchurch!

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Map of Christchurch Supermarkets

Quick Guide to the Best Christchurch Supermarkets

Don’t have time to read this whole guide? No worries. Here’s a “quick glance” guide to the best supermarkets in Christchurch, depending on where you are in the city.

🛒 Nicest supermarket in Christchurch city center: New World Durham Street

🛒 Cheapest supermarket in Christchurch city center: PAK’n’SAVE Moorhouse

🛒 Most convenient supermarket to walk to in Christchurch city center: FreshChoice City Market (although do note that it’s expensive and somewhat limited)

🛒 Closest supermarket to Christchurch airport: Christchurch Airport Countdown (it’s expensive but convenient to the airport)

Top Supermarkets in Christchurch


The front of the PAK'nSAVE supermarket at Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch. It has a yellow sign with "PAK'nSAVE" written in black writing .

If you’re looking for the cheapest groceries in Christchurch, you’ll want to head to a PAK’n’SAVE.

PAK’n’SAVE supermarkets are large stores with a vast selection of every grocery item you could need.

While they’re not fancy stores, PAK’n’SAVE supermarkets are an excellent one-stop shop for groceries that won’t completely break the bank. 

If I’m staying in the city center, I shop at the PAK’nSAVE Moorhouse location. It can get really busy at this spot, but if you want to do a big shop for the best prices possible, this is the place. 

When I’ve just arrived at the Christchurch airport, however, I’ll sometimes head to the PAK’n’SAVE in Hornby, Northlands, or Riccarton, depending on where I’m going next!

🛒 City Center Location: PAK’n’SAVE Moorhouse

🛒 More Locations: PAK’n’SAVE Hornby PAK’n’SAVE Northlands, & PAK’nSave Riccarton

New World

The front of the New World Supermarket at Durham Street in Christchurch. The signage in front of the store is red and there is a red and white crosswalk leading to the store entrance.

New World supermarkets tend to have a higher-end feeling than PAK’nSAVE stores. With that nicer vibe comes a higher price tag, though…at least for most things.

That being said, I do shop at certain New World locations because sometimes they just have the best quality for products like fresh produce, meat, and bakery items. 

In particular, I love the New World on Durham Street. It’s one of the nicest New World stores I’ve ever been to. 

Inside this spacious, modern location, you’ll find an excellent selection of beautiful produce, plus a top-notch deli and bakery section. They also have a salad bar, which I rarely see in New Zealand supermarkets.

If you shop at a New World supermarket, I highly recommend signing up for a New World Club Card. It’s free to sign up for. With the club card, you’ll get some great deals on certain products, depending on that week’s specials. I never shop at New World without my club card in hand!

🛒 City Center Location: New World Durham Street


Trees framing the green sign for the Countdown Supermarket on Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch.

Countdown supermarkets are owned by the Australian company Woolworths, so if you’re visiting New Zealand from Australia, Countdown stores might feel somewhat familiar!

I find that Countdown supermarkets tend to be more expensive than PAK’nSAVE and New World stores. However, Countdown stores usually have a good international section and offer a lot of options for vegans (my vegan friends usually prefer Countdown over PAK’nSAVE).

There are some bargains to be had at Countdown—if you purchase their home brand for basics, they’re not too expensive…and their “odd bunch” (imperfect but still great) produce can be good value. 

I also recommend picking up a Onecard (Countdown’s club card) while you’re in-store to save some money on specials.

If you’re in need of a supermarket that’s close to the Christchurch airport, you might want to head to the Countdown Christchurch airport store. I personally find it to be too expensive, but its handy location by the airport is convenient sometimes.

🛒 City center location: Countdown Moorhouse Ave

🛒 Location near Christchurch airport: Countdown Christchurch Airport

FreshChoice & SuperValue Supermarkets

The interior of the Fresh Choice City Market in the Christchurch CBD. Visible in the photo are flowers, produce, and other groceries for sale.

Like Countdown, FreshChoice & SuperValue Supermarkets are owned by Woolworths. So, you’ll find some similar products between these three stores.

The difference, though, is that FreshChoice and SuperValue supermarkets tend to be on the smaller side. They’re also usually expensive. However, these stores are often located in areas that don’t have other shops close by, so they can be convenient sometimes!

If I’m staying in the Christchurch CBD and need to pick up just a few things, I’ll head to the FreshChoice City Market. Yes, it’s pricey—but it’s also within walking distance to almost every hotel I ever stay at in Christchurch. It’s handy for picking up basics like milk, bread, etc, but I wouldn’t buy an entire week’s worth of groceries here.

🛒 City Center Location: FreshChoice City Market

Specialty Groceries in Christchurch

The interior of the Fresh 4 Less Indian supermarket in Christchurch, showing bags of legumes, dried fruit, and other bulk items for sale.
The Fresh 4 Less market in Christchurch is a great place to stock up on pantry staples!

Asian, Indian & European Supermarkets

Christchurch has such an awesome selection of specialty markets. 

I live in Queenstown, where there are a few Asian supermarkets to choose from, but nothing like the variety in Christchurch (and we have no Indian supermarkets, sadly). So, whenever I’m in Christchurch, I love to pop into various markets to pick up ingredients (and road trip snacks!) that I can’t find at home. 

If you’re shopping on a budget, you can often find some great deals at Asian and Indian markets on products like nuts, seeds, legumes, rice, and noodles.  

There’s also an incredible European market in Christchurch that specializes in Mediterranean products. 

Below is a list of some of great Asian, Indian & European markets in Christchurch. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather a list of some of my favorite shops.

Fresh 4 Less

Fresh 4 Less is an Indian grocery store that’s amazing for buying bags of pantry basics like legumes, flour, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. 

They also make delicious samosas (the jalapeno-cheese one is so yum).

🛒 Location: Fresh 4 Less

Bombay Bazaar

One of Christchurch’s largest Indian supermarkets, Bombay Bazaar is a great place to stock up on Indian ingredients, pantry staples, and fresh produce.

🛒 Location: Bombay Bazaar

Ken’s Mart Asian Supermarket

Head to Ken’s Mart for freshly-made tofu and kimchi, plus a large variety of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai groceries.

🛒 Location: Ken’s Mart Asian Supermarket

HY Shopping

This is an excellent place to shop for Korean groceries in Christchurch. I like picking up “No Brand” snacks and peach iced tea packets from here.

🛒 Location: HY Shopping


There are multiple Kosco locations throughout Christchurch (including a Kosco metro in the city center), but I like their locations on Blenheim Road or Riccarton Road. They mainly specialize in Korean products.

🛒 City Center Location: Kosco Metro

🛒 More Locations: Kosco Blenheim Road and Kosco Riccarton Road

The Mediterranean Food Company

The front of the Mediterranean Food Co in Christchurch, a gourmet grocery store and cafe

If it’s a specialty Mediterranean ingredient you’re after, you’ll want to head over to the Mediterranean Food Company.

This market is a treasure trove of Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, French, and Spanish ingredients.

I’m a bit of a pasta snob and love coming here for their awesome selection of dried pasta. It’s also a great place to pick up hard-to-find seasonings like za’atar, dukkah, and rose harissa. 

If you like making your own pizza, you’ll be pleased to know that they carry “00” flour (and they also sell premade pizza dough if you don’t want to start from scratch).

This market also has a large selection of gourmet cheeses and cured meats like salami and prosciutto, so it’s a wonderful spot to pick out treats for a picnic.

If shopping around the market makes you hungry, treat yourself to an authentic Italian pizza at the onsite cafe!

🛒 Main Location: Mediterranean Food Company

🛒 Smaller/Secondary Location: Riverside Market

Organic & Wholefood Shops in Christchurch

The front of the GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery shop in Christchurch. The building is grey with white writing and there are cars parked in front of the shop.
GoodFor is a great spot in Christchurch for zero-waste grocery shopping

If you’re after organic groceries or wholefood pantry items, then this is the section for you.

I sometimes find it a challenge to source organic food in New Zealand. Luckily, there are some great options in Christchurch.

Here are some organic markets and wholefood bulk shops in Christchurch that I recommend:

GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery

My favorite zero-waste wholefoods shop in Christchurch is GoodFor, which is located right in the city center (conveniently next door to my all-time favorite NZ bakery: Grizzly Baked Goods).

You can either bring your own (clean) containers or purchase reusable containers in the shop. They have paper bags you can use free of charge, too. Then, you simply scoop out what you need, pop it into your container, and pay for your items by weight.

At GoodFor, 80% of the product is certified organic—and all of it is high quality. I like picking up supplies here to make my own scroggin (trail mix) and muesli (granola). Their loose-leaf tea selection is also wonderful.

🛒 Location: GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery

Piko Wholefoods

Piko Wholefoods is a vegetarian wholefood shop with a great selection of organic produce and bulk-bin pantry staples.

They also specialize in gluten-free products, so head here for all sorts of gluten-free goodies!

🛒 Location: Piko Wholefoods

Wholefoods Market & Health Store

Wholefoods Market & Health Store is a lovely little shop that sells organic produce, pantry items, and snacks (note that it’s not of the same brand as Whole Foods Markets from the USA, though—just to clarify!). 

They also have a selection of natural health and wellness items (like local Panna soaps!).

🛒 Location: Wholefoods Market & Health Store

Gourmet Markets in Christchurch

The front of the Frances Nation Grocer in Christchurch, a specialty grocery store located in the historic Christchurch Arts Building.

Frances Nation Grocer 

This wee market in the Arts Centre is a locavore’s dream come true. 

Specializing in New Zealand-made food items, Frances Nation Grocer is the perfect place to stock your pantry with some locally-sourced goodies. 

It’s also a fantastic spot to pick up gourmet picnic supplies like fancy cheeses, artisan crackers, olives, and fruit paste.

I also love coming here for their excellent takeaway sandwiches and coffee!  

🛒 Location: Frances Nation Grocer

Raeward Fresh

Raeward Fresh is a smaller-sized supermarket with a focus on gourmet products, fresh produce, and a high-quality butchery.

This supermarket can be somewhat expensive, but their produce and meat selection is an excellent reason to visit. 

Sometimes, you can find amazing specials on meat and produce that are better quality than what you’ll find at the usual mainstream supermarkets. I recommend checking out their specials online before heading over.

While I don’t go out of my way to shop at Raeward Fresh, I do like to pop into their Tower Junction location if I’m already there for other errands. Tower Junction has a good selection of outdoor shops (like Bivouac!) and also has a massive Bargain Chemist, so it’s a handy place to visit sometimes.

🛒 Location: Raeward Fresh Tower Junction

Produce Markets in Christchurch

An assortment of fresh produce from a produce market, including carrots, lettuce, asparagus, fennel and citrus
Nothing beats fresh produce from a fruit & veggie market!

If you’re after the cheapest, best-quality produce in Christchurch, you may want to consider hitting up a produce market to purchase your fruit and vegetables.

While you can get everything you need at a supermarket in Christchurch, you can sometimes save money by visiting a produce market in addition to your regular grocery shop. I also just find it fun to peruse through large amounts of fresh produce (anyone else, or is that just me?).

There are a lot of great produce markets in Christchurch—here are several that I like:

  • Funky Pumpkin: 290c Colombo Street, Sydenham
    • Tip: you can sign up for a membership with them for special deals…or just for the novelty of being part of the “Funky Club” 😉

Tips for Shopping at Supermarkets in Christchurch

  • If you’re looking for the best bargains, I recommend that you check grocery prices online before going shopping. I often do this when I’m planning a big shop, so I know what meals to make based on what’s on special. PAK’nSAVE, Countdown, New World, and Fresh Choice all have online shopping options available so you can check prices beforehand.
  • Produce prices are extremely seasonal in New Zealand, and Christchurch is no exception. Buy produce in season (like citrus in winter, tomatoes in summer, etc.) and you’ll save a bunch. 
  • If you’re planning to buy alcohol at a supermarket, make sure you have ID on you—this applies to supermarkets all across New Zealand, not just in Christchurch. I get asked for ID all the time at supermarkets  (and I certainly don’t look like I’m under 18!). If you’re visiting from abroad, you’ll need to have your passport as ID (they won’t accept international driver’s licenses as ID).
  • Most of the major supermarkets in New Zealand carry products for all types of dietary needs, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and keto options. If you’re visiting New Zealand and have specific dietary requirements, you won’t have to go to a specialty store to find something you can eat!

Thanks for Reading my Guide to Supermarkets in Christchurch!

I hope this guide has helped you narrow down where to shop for food in Christchurch.

If I missed your favorite supermarket, please let me know in the comments!

Happy Grocery Shopping! 🍎

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