Hike to Tawhai Falls
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3 Beautiful Waterfall Walks in Tongariro National Park

Hike to Tawhai Falls

With an otherworldly volcanic landscape, epic mountains, lush beech forests, stunning waterfalls, and heaps of great day walks, Tongariro National Park is a must-visit region on New Zealand’s North Island.

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of Tongariro National Park is through its scenic walks. The most famous of these walks is the Tongariro Crossing, which is often hailed as the best day walk on New Zealand’s North Island—if not the entire country. This renowned hike takes you across alpine terrain and overlooks epic views and volcanic lakes, and many would consider it one of New Zealand’s “must-do’s.”

While the Tongariro Crossing sure is incredible, many travellers find themselves in a bit of a conundrum when they arrive in the area and conditions are poor. When the weather and visibility is bad, it simply isn’t safe or worthwhile to complete the crossing. This could mean that you need to wait it out for a day or two to see if conditions improve, or you may have to change your plans altogether.

Not to fret, though! If you’ve planned to visit the Tongariro area and find yourself in less-than-ideal weather, we’ve got you covered. Our favorite short hikes in the area happen to all lead to gorgeous waterfalls—and if it’s drizzly outside, all the better: waterfalls always look even more impressive when it’s raining.

Read on to discover 3 beautiful waterfall walks to explore on your visit to Tongariro National Park!

1. Tawhai Falls (Gollum’s Pool)

3 Amazing Waterfall Walks in Tongariro National Park - Tawhai Falls

Time to hike: 15-20 minutes round trip

Difficulty: easy

Trail type: out-and-back

This short and easy walk leads to a scenic waterfall that was the filming location for Gollum’s Pool in the Lord of the Rings! We’d consider this one a “must-see” when you’re in the Tongariro area since it’s so quick to access, but note that this also means there will likely be other people there.

Top tip: Warm your legs up by doing this walk on your drive to Taranaki Falls, as it’s right on the way.

2. Taranaki Falls 

Taranaki Falls in Tongariro National Park

Time to hike: 2 hours round trip

Difficulty: easy

Trail type: loop

The hike to Taranaki Falls is an absolute delight! Starting from Whakapapa Village, you’ll take the loop track along a well-formed path that leads you past alpine grasslands into a lovely beech forest, then to the impressive waterfall.

On a clear day, you’ll be able to spot Ngauruhoe (the volcanic mountain that stars as “Mount Doom” in LOTR). During late summer, the track is often lined with purple heather flowers. Out of all the day walks  in Tongariro National Park, this is our #1 favorite— if you have time for it we highly recommend this one!

Wildflowers and Mount Ngauruhoe from the Taranki Falls track

Top tip: Make sure to snap a photo of the Wes Anderson-esque Chateau Tongariro Hotel (sadly now closed) on your drive up to this trailhead.

Chateau Tongariro

3. Waitonga Falls 

Waitonga Falls walk in Tongariro National Park

Time to hike: 1.5 hours round trip

Difficulty: moderate; quite a bit of uphill sections and some stairs

Trail type: out-and-back

Just outside of Ohakune lies this gem of a waterfall walk. You’ll start the hike by ascending through a beautiful section of beech forest, with the sounds of the river below keeping you company. About 5 minutes into the hike, make sure to peer over the river at one of the sneaky lookouts—you’ll be rewarded with views of another waterfall!

Waitonga Falls side waterfall in Tongariro National Park

Once you emerge from the beech forest, you’ll walk along a boardwalk over alpine tussock fields and tarns. If it’s clear out, you’ll be able to see Mount Ruapehu looming overhead. If it’s especially calm out, you may even be able to see the mountain reflected in the tarns.

After the boardwalk, you’ll descend through more beech forest until you reach the waterfall, which happens to be the tallest one in Tongariro National Park. The view of the falls is somewhat obstructed from the viewing platform, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can do a bit of a creek scramble to get closer.

Waitonga Falls Boardwalk in Tongariro National Park

Waitonga Falls hike in Tongariro National Park

When we’ve hiked this path, we have usually only seen a couple of other people—so we recommend this walk if you’re wanting a bit of peace and solitude on your hike.


We hope this travel guide has helped you plan out some walks to do on your visit to Tongariro National Park. Between its unique volcanic terrain, lovely beech forests, and picturesque waterfalls, this part of New Zealand has so much to offer for anyone who loves nature.

Mount Ngauruhoe at sunset from the Taranaki Falls walk


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3 Waterfall Walks in Tongariro National Park

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